Automatic Feeding System

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What is automatic feeding system in poultry farm?
It is a high-efficiency, reducing 80% labor cost and automatic system to feeding chicken, chicken food will add in feeding hopper by workers or by automatic conveying pipe or by feed silo, hoppers with its frame will go and come back from beginning of chicken cage to the end under electricity, normally one row of chicken cage, one system of automatic feeding hopper system.
It normally is installed based on “ A” type or “ H” type of chicken cage.

Thank customer supplying pictures of our layer cage using in his farm


What kinds of poultry farm need automatic feeding hopper system?
Type 1. Chicken capacity plan up to 30,000 or beyond it year by year.
Type 2. Government project or state project, very modernize, large-scale or mechanized poultry farm.
Note: if your personal farm is beyond 20,000 birds in two years development, or the land is not very big and standard, you should have a good consideration, it is uneconomical and high investment relatively, meaning average cost of one chicken increasing. 

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