Feed Mill

Best® feed mill – feed mill manufacturer since 1996 and African branch and office since 2009

What is feed mill?
Professional in producing fodder for chicken, ducks, rabbits, pigs, cows, horses and fish etc. It is suitable for farms and feed making factories. The material is grain, corn, soybean and so on.
There are two parts of feed mill, one is crushing structure, the other one is mixing structure. Crusher and mixer are together, after material finish crushing it will automatically flow to mixer, at last material flow out and finish processing by motor power.

The followed picture is in our customer ‘s feed factory who also owns 50,000 birds farm, the machine had been working 10 year there.


Why you need feed mill?
Some farmers told us, the price of animal food is expensive, normally if your birds is beyond 5000 birds, you need feed mill for your bird food, when your birds increase beyond 10,000, it will save more cost.

BEST® owns its poultry farms, let us sharing poultry farming experience.
Please let us know which country are you in? What is your farm plan? how many chicken do you have ? In African countries, we have branch and warehouse. Our sales department will give you helpful advice on your farm and feeding, quotation and house design, advice of poultry equipment selection.
Let us talk online whatsApp +86 13663282016 or send email to sales@bestchickencage.com, I am Amy Fan.

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